Kingsway Community Centre

Kingsway Community Centre


Kingsway Community CentreQuedgeley Town Council also manages Kingsway Community Centre in Thatcham Avenue, Kingsway. The facilities very much mirror those available at the Quedgeley Community Centre with regards to room sizes. There are two halls, Hall 1 and Hall 2 and each have kitchens attached. Both halls are large and can accommodate Bouncy Castles.
Again, Quedgeley and Kingsway residents receive a discounted rate and rates remain overall very competitive. Kingsway Community Centre, although having only been opened since September 2014, is already proving very popular, therefore please remember to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Both kitchens have basic facilities available, ie Urn, Microwave, fridge, food preparation areas and crockery. Due to the fact there are no ovens available at this present time, the kitchens do not attract a separate charge when hiring either hall.

All rooms are on the ground floor with level access, there are toilet facilities for children and disabled and are all of very high spec. Every effort is made to ensure that the building is maintained to a high standard and is cleaned daily.

Room Sizes and Details
Room Description Capacity
Hall 1
This hall has a kitchen. It has a high ceiling that makes it light and airy and subdued lighting is available for dancing. 19.9m/13.4m
Hall 2
This hall has a kitchen and has subdued lighting 11.9m/12m
Committee Room 7.8m/5.7m
A simple meeting room with tables and chairs. 25

Booking The Kingsway Community Centre

Please contact Debbie, Bev or Sharon at the Parish Office (Telephone 01452 721552).