New QPC Website

The new QPC website is ready to launch (on – or slightly before –¬†September 4th 2009).

The new site layout is based on a concept created by the Parish Council with modifications and features added by the website designer (Clive Barton of The Click-IT-Team Ltd) in conjunction with Anna Mozol, who oversaw the entire project. It includes many new features and facilities and a lot of pictures (mostly taken by Anna).

The project commenced in December 2008 and was originally planned as a “smooth transition” to take place¬†on January 1st 2009. Unfortunately the project was delayed by unexpected complications related to the previous website suppliers. In addition the large number of new pictures and accompanying articles took a long time to create and process.

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to register with us and add them here.

We hope you enjoy the new ‘site.


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