Parish Council Precept


When the entry for the council tax booklet was sent to the City the amount our precept was increasing was so small (3p on a Band D property) that it was believed it was negligible and we said that once again there would be no increase but on another page the City have shown us as having an increase of 0.1% so what was stated was inaccurate (it is a pity they did not point it out before sending it out for publication). Please see the table below that shows that the charge is still less than it was two years ago. Our apologies for any confusion caused.

YEAR 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13
COUNCIL TAX BASE 5056.68 5220.29 5617.41 5779.67
PRECEPT £192,541 £199,725 £201,506 £207,506
BAND D PAYMENT £38.08 £38.26 £35.87 £35.90
INCREASE/DECREASE   +18p -£2.39 +3p

n.b. The majority of people in Quedgeley live in a Band D property and as you can see from the figures above are paying less for the precept than they did two years ago.


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