Quedgeley Christmas Waste Collections

There will be no change to refuse and recycling collection days over the Christmas period.

Residents are asked to ensure their bins and boxes are presented at 7am on their usual collection day.

Anna Mozol asks “Please could you recycle as much as possible over Christmas and New Year. Remember everything from Christmas cards to Christmas trees can be recycled and this will boost the amount recycled.”

Garden waste collections will not be collected for two weeks over the Christmas period.

In the week commencing 10th January, please leave real Christmas trees, without any decorations, with your green garden waste for recycling. Remember that bin lids need to be closed to ensure collection, but that trees can be placed next to your garden waste bin.

Don’t forget you can now put the following in your recycling box:

  • Mixed Paper
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Paper (white & coloured)
  • Catalogues & Brochures
  • Envelopes (with or without windows)
  • Yellow Pages
  • Light Card (such as cereal boxes and egg cartons)
  • Food cans/Tins (rinsed)
  • Drink cans/tins (rinsed)
  • Pet Food cans/tins (rinsed)
  • Glass Bottles (rinsed)
  • Glass Jars (rinsed)
  • All Plastic Bottles
  • Small Domestic Batteries

Please play your part in protecting the environment. "Every little helps".


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