Register To Vote…

…or risk running out of credit.

Residents living in 13,000 Gloucester homes could risk being unable to get credit – because they have not registered to vote.

Apart from being unable to vote at forthcoming elections failing to register also means that people could have trouble opening a bank account, getting a mortgage – or even buying a mobile phone.

Gloucester City Council Chief Executive, Julian Wain, commented:

“ The annual electoral canvas is well under way and three quarters of residents have returned their forms.

There are local elections in May next year and a general election is due before
June. If residents want to be absolutely sure they can vote and take part in the democratic process then they need to be on the electoral register.

Many people also don’t realise the difficulties they could face in obtaining credit. I would urge residents who haven’t yet completed and returned their forms to do so as soon as possible.”

Anyone with a query about registering to vote can contact the electoral registration office on 01452 396396.


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